What is Handicrafts Association of Pakistan (HAP)

Handicrafts Association of Pakistan is a registered trade association for manufacturers, exporters, importers, women entrepreneurs, crafts men and women, retailers and whole sellers associated with the handicrafts sector in Pakistan.
It is registered with the Directorate General Trade Associations, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan.

Need for HAP

Pakistan is known for it handicrafts sector. This sector of Pakistan has great demand all around the globe and supremely attracts the foreign eye. The handicrafts of Pakistan are invincible, highly competitive and have great potential to thrive and to grab much of the market access around the globe.
Despite its huge potential, the sector has mainly remained informal and unorganized. Mostly comprising of home based workers, women and poor crafts men, this sector was never considered as an industry in order to get attention from relevant government and non-government organizations. The founders of HAP, Mrs. ShireenArshad Khan and Mrs. TahiraNaseem, thus realized this huge gap and starting working with all major stake holders of this sector to setup the “Handicrafts Association of Pakistan”.
Its head office is located in Bahawalpur in the South of Punjab province while the regional offices are located in all provincial headquarters including Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan.
HAP is registered as a “not for profit” organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Its statements of accounts are audited by a Chartered Accounting Firm and same are submitted to the SECP in line with the regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

TheHandicraft Association of Pakistan aims to:

  • To promote the use of current market trends and modern technology in line with the current market practices, whereby ensuring development of exports of Handicrafts.
  • To promote, develop, aid, stimulate, protect and encourage Handicrafts making and trading industry in Pakistan.
  • To develop and convert the informal handicrafts sector into a formal industry.

Handicrafts Association of Pakistan participates and arranges trade delegations, exhibitions and fairs worldwide to develop a thriving export market. It encourages and facilitates training programs within SAARC region and continuously works towards evolving a joint strategy in the best interest of the Handicraft sector with the Government of Pakistan and other trade.









Our Team