HAP’s main focus is to encourage and develop handicrafts based entrepreneurs to effectively contribute towards development of this industry. The aim is to highlight the hard work and dedication of the crafts men and women who are working day in and day out to raise their families and the majority of such are the sole bread earners of their families.

By joining this association, you become entitled to the following:

• Taking advantage of the business opportunities in the local and foreign markets through information about potential buyers. This information is regularly circulated by the Association Secretariat.
• Thousands of skill development opportunities by participating in national and international training programs organized by the association.
• Opportunity to participate in observation and study mission programs in foreign countries to enhance the existing skills and knowledge.
• Opportunity to participate in national and international trade fairs
• Recommendation letters required for business development and personal use can be obtained upon request.
• Opportunity to participate in buyer and seller meetups.
• Opportunities to be selected for various awards